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The airline announced recently that it will commence 12 new flights in February 2022. The airline said these flights are designed to cater to business and leisure travellers, who are constantly on the lookout for new and affordable flying options. In a statement, the airline said, "We have taken another step towards enhancing point-to-point connectivity for our passengers." The airline company says that the direct connectivity will make travel easier and give a unique experience to tourists for its natural beauty, rich and diverse culture.

# Event Name Time Location Book
1 Taj Mahal,Agra, India 10.00 PM Australia Book Now
2 Salesforce Summer, Dubai 10.00 PM Dubai Book Now
3 God Towers, TOKYO, JAPAN 09.40 PM JAPAN Book Now
4 TOUR DE ROMANDIE, Switzerland 08.50 PM Switzerland Book Now
5 TOUR DE POLOGNE, Poland 10.40 PM Poland Book Now
6 Future of Marketing,Sydney, Australia 06.30 AM Australia Book Now
7 Eiffel Tower, Paris 11.00 PM France Book Now
8 PARIS - ROUBAIX, England 06.30 PM England Book Now
9 Dubai Beach Resort, Dubai 11.30 PM Dubai Book Now
10 TOUR DE POLOGNE, Poland 30.35 PM Poland Book Now

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